po_Tadic-NovicaNovica Tadić (Smriječno, Plužine, July 17, 1949 – January 23, 2011) was a Serbian poet.




Novica Tadic

Dark things open my eyes,
raise my hand, knot my fingers.

They are close and far away,
beyond nine hills
in a hidden refuge.

Night is their kingdom,
and this day, just breaking,
is their cloak of light.

No force can cancel them,
Untangle them, explain them.

They stay where they are,
in our chests,
murmuring in our hearts.


Novica Tadic

Great wise night
Under the city walls
You pull me out of
The monster’s socket

Lead me crazed
Out on the empty square
So I may walk again
Around myself

And see once more
That I’m still
A living creature

Son of thunder and smoke
The lost son
The solitary, generously salted–Nobody