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This page contains 2 search fields. The top one (brown border), will search content within entire site–unless a specific category is checked, while the bottom one (green border), will search for photographs from Abraham Menashe’s photographs.

Please note that the ‘Search Posts’ field recognizes exact terms only. For best results, please input words in their exact sequence, example “Amy Adams” will be found but “Adams, Amy” will not, unless you are looking for is “Adams, Amy”.

  • If search term contains 3 words, as in composer “Giuseppe Matteo Alberti”, inputting “Giuseppe Alberti” will not be found, while inputting all 3 words (in correct order) will be found.
  • For dates, please use “Month Day, Year” format; example “November 15, 2015” will be found,  but “15 November, 2015” will not.


The search field with green border, below, will return photos only from Abraham Menashe’s photo library.

Unlike the ‘Search Posts’ field, above, “Search Photos” will recognize complete terms, in whatever word order, such as “Surgeon in operating room”. Those photos are available in hi-resolution, and can be delivered within 3 hours of order.


For the widest selection of images, search the ImageFolio library. This older database, combines both high and low resolution images. Low-resolution images scanned in high resolution can be made available within 24-36 hours of receipt of your order.

Search Tips within ImageFolio library:

• Avoid dashes, quote marks, asterisks, or commas between words.
• Do not include conjunctions, such as AND or OR
• Do not include prepositions, such as WITH or THE
• Enter 1-3 essential keywords separated by a space; example, instead of “a boy in the woods” enter “boy woods” without the quote marks, the search engine will look for “boy” AND “woods”
• Instead of African-American, enter African American – no dashes
• Try different or more general keywords
• Change the pull down menu next to search field to “All Categories”
• if you know the ID number of an photograph, you can always retrieve it from the library by entering its ID number in the keyword field.

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