Arrives at his table,
wearing a starched white apron
over a close-fitted black dress

Bends over,
to set the plate down
Her lips, close to his ear,

Softly whispers, “Enjoy!”

Turns back, apron tied
smartly in a bow
against proud curved hips

He bites into the multi-grain bread,
savoring the gift
she left behind.

“Enjoy!” still hangs in the air

The scent of her breath hovers over his plate,
he lifts the glass of cool water,
takes a sip, and is done.

She returns with a pen protruding
from her back pocket, removes his plate,
and leaves the table bare.

“Will there be anything else?”

Looking deep into her
subservient eyes,
it is his turn to whisper,

“Just the check, please.”

— © Abraham Menashe