One day, Spider sees worker ants all in a row;
Asks the Queen ant,
How do you keep them aligned?

Queen ant says, every morning,
She sews them together
With cosmic thread

Then tugs the line gently,
Until the thread disappears,
That is how worker ants stay aligned

Spider leaves smiling, tilts her head up,
And from her four pair of eyes,
Siphons cosmic light from the milky Way

Where it morphs into silk
in her abdomen
An act freely available to all creatures

The next morning she begins to stitch
Threads, as a passing bird watches
And is struck with a brilliant idea

Bird pulls strands of his own
From the swirling milky way,
Throws them into a V formation

Other birds begin to align to,
Forming a majestic community
Wiser than any single bird

And so, the teaching is passed on,
From one creature to another
Until the teaching also became invisible

Binding all creatures,
Each to its own kind,
Each to its own pattern

Infused with generous Light,
Freely given by the stars

— Abraham Menashe