I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. — Og Mandino

Fazıl Hüsnü Dağlarca (August 26, 1914 – October 15, 2008) was one the most prolific Turkish poets of the republican Turkey.




Fazil Daglarca

We severed continents and divided countries:
Seeing the state we’re in, poplars were aghast.
Although the earth unfurled its golden feast
Where our hands were joined by bread and salt:
Brother, we failed to understand.
Nights made us all the same until dawn
As they drifted over our beds.
There we were, more foolish than frogs.
While leaves on the pond told the unity of time,
You lived apart and I lived apart.
What evil magic strangles our fate:
For ages our thoughts remain fast asleep?
What mystery is this, white and not white?
We love one another’s trinkets and beads,
And not one another’s land.


Fazil Daglarca

The sultan of the animals is the night
Jet-black, gleaming, furry night.
Like a female animal it gives me courage
As I think of my love.

Evoking magnificent legends
Blood in dreams,
Savage memories come charging
From stark-naked mountains.

All of us animals, beasts and birds,
Crowd the marsh at this moment of tryst.
The white of my teeth glimmers
With relish and eagerness of love.