Who can compare to You, who is
Your equal? who has seen You, who
has reached You? who can hold his
head high, who can lift up his eyes?
who can question. who can defy? who
can fathom, who can calculate? who
can be proud, who can be haughty?
who is like You?

For You ride on a cherub and fly on a
wind; Your road is in whirlwind, Your
way is in storm; Your path is through
waters. Fires are Your emissaries—
thousands of thousands and myriads of

myriads, who are changed into men,
changed into women. changed into
winds, changed into demons; who
assume all shapes and fulfill every
mission, with fear, dread, awe,
trembling, terror, trepidation, they

— Yannai
7th century Israeli poet