Photo © Abraham Menashe

World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day was first observed in 2003 and it now takes place on September 10th each year.

The World Health Organization estimates that about one million people around the world die by suicide every year. There are people all over the world who feel so low that suicide seems like the only way out. But there is always another way.

One is restricting the access people have to potentially dangerous products: for example, charcoal burning has been such a huge problem in Asian cities, that charcoal sales in supermarkets have been reduced. In the UK, a program to stop over-the-counter medication being obtained so easily has reduced overdose deaths by 34%. By restricting access, a number of very effective prevention programs and guidelines have been put in place in various places throughout the world.

On September 10, the International Association for Suicide Prevention is asking you to light a candle at 8.00pm and place it in a window to show your support for suicide prevention across the world.

Photo Abraham Menashe