po_Jampolsky-Gerald3bGerald Jampolsky, MD, (born February 11, 1925) is a child and adult psychiatrist.

He is a graduate of Stanford Medical School, author, and an inspirational speaker. He learned about forgiveness by helping thousands of people over the past 30 years deal with the psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of facing both chronic and life-threatening illnesses. He is the founder of The Center for Attitudinal Healing, of which there are now more than 130 satellite centers around the world. Jampolsky’s pioneering work at the center eventually led him to consult in Bosnia, Russia, and Ghana on the importance of attitudinal healing and forgiveness. Jampolsky is the author of numerous best-selling books, including Love is Letting Go of Fear (with over 3.5 million copies in print). Jampolsky is also a recipient of the Jehan Sadat Peace Award.