Bitachon (Trust in God): this is not the belief in God per se, rather it is the faith that everything that God does—everything that occurs—will be for the good.

Bitachon means trusting that: (1) God creates reality moment by moment in a way which reflects His awareness, involvement, and compassion; and (2) we would wish reality to be exactly the same way if we saw where present events are ultimately taking us.

The root batach literally means to lean or rest on someone or something. Batach b’ means “to trust in”, usually in God, when used by the Bible, eg: “It is better to trust in God than to trust in any man” (Psalms 118:9) or “I have placed my trust in Your lovingkindness.”

From this, bitachon comes to mean faith and is often used interchangeably with emunah. But it means faith in an active sense, consciously placing the burden or one’s concerns and worries on God and trusting that things will work out.