Abigail Albrecht

Begin in the night,
soft rain falling,
the fingertip rain
dripping down from
the sultry sky.
Begin in the dark,
candleless lovetime,
begin your search
to find me in the dark.
Reach out, roll over,
encompass me naked,
lie here in the pool
my warmth, my sleep.
Become the music
that dances inside me,
become the bright wave
I swim into when
I close my eyes.
You are the sea in my dream,
bright sky in my morning,
your love is the wheel
that turns me toward you
and encircles my heart
with your heart.


Abigail Albrecht

Love outdoors,
and suddenly it is down to
one taut pine needle
flickering between your thumb
and forefinger, one green
point probing my nipple.
You want me to
tell you everything,
what feels which way,
how a nipple responds
deep in the woods
in the dark.
Upon my breast
you are weaving basketry,
holding the pine needle
in your beak as if
you are a tool-using bird.
At last you release it
and encircle
my nipple with your
spiraling tongue
and lips that
form the word