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Henryk Wieniawski (July 10, 1835 – March 31, 1880) was a Polish violinist and composer.

Wieniawski was given a number of posthumous honors. Hisportrait appeared on a postage stamp of Poland in 1952 and again in 1957. A 100 złoty coin was issued in 1979 bearing his image.

What is commonly called the “Russian bow grip” is sometimes called the “Wieniawski bow grip”, as Wieniawski taught his students his own kind of very rigid bowing technique (like the Russian grip) that allowed him to play what he called a “devil’s staccato” with ease. This “devil’s staccato” was used to discipline students’ technique.

The first violin competition named after Wieniawski took place in Warsaw in 1935. Ginette Neveu took first prize, David Oistrakh second, and Henri Temianka third. The International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition has been held every five years since 1952.