I accept Terms of Sale:

1. Refunds & Exchanges: No refunds or exchanges will be made if the job is killed,
or the client changes their mind about selected images.

2. Digital files: Buyer agrees not to re-use digital files delivered without the express
written permission of the photographer. Buyer is responsible for destroying the
digital files after specified usage.

3. Complimentary Tear Sheets: Buyer agrees to forward a sample copy of
published work no later than fourteen (14) days after publication. If tear-sheets
cannot be furnished, buyer agrees to provide a good quality stat or laser proof of the
comp. If the usage is electronic, buyer agrees to provide a CD of the program.

4. Copyright and Releases: Copyright is the exclusive property of the
photographer. Copyright notice to appear adjacent to photograph as follows:
“photo copyright a.menashe”. No releases exist unless specified by the
photographer. Buyer shall be responsible for permissions, and in the event of a
claim, buyer shall hold Abraham Menashe harmless from all liabilities.

5. Conflicting Terms: Buyer agrees that Abraham Menashe’s terms supersede the
terms on the buyer’s purchase order. All terms are only as specified on
photographer’s letterhead or invoice. Buyer agrees to pursue unresolved claims in
the county and state of New York through mediation or arbitration under rules of the|
American Arbitration Association.

6. Payment: Payment must be made before hi-res files are released. No rights are
granted until full payment is made. In the event a client is billed, payment needs to
reach us within 30 days of invoice date. A 2% late fee applies thereafter.