O Allah,
place light in my heart,
and on my tongue light,
and in my ears light
and in my sight light,
and above me light,
and below me light,
and to my right light,
and to my left light,
and before me light
and behind me light.

Place in my soul light.
Magnify for me light,
and amplify for me light.

Make for me light,
and make me light.

O Allaah, grant me light,
and place light in my nerves,
and in my body light
and in my blood light
and in my hair light
and in my skin light.

O Allaah,
make for me a light in my grave…
and a light in my bones.
Increase me in light,
increase me in light,
increase me in light.

Grant me light upon light.

— Du’aa of Light
Sufi prayer