I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. — Og Mandino

po_Hades1Hades, was the ancient Greek god of the underworld. Hades, god of the dead, was a fearsome figure to those still living; in no hurry to meet him, they were reluctant to swear oaths in his name, and averted their faces when sacrificing to him.

Since precious minerals come from under the earth (i.e., the “underworld” ruled by Hades), he was considered to have control of these as well, and was referred to as Plouton, related to the word for “wealth”, hence the Roman name Pluto.



I am the shadow in the bright day, I am the reminder 
of mortality at the height of living. I am the
 never-ending veil of Night where the Star Goddess
 dances. I am the Death that must be so that Life may 
continue, for behold, Life is immortal because the 
living must die.

I am the strength that protects, that limits. I am the
 power that says No, No Further, and That Is Enough. I
 am the things that may not be spoken of, and I am the 
laughter at the edge of Death.

Come with me into the warm enfolding dark, feel my
 caresses in the hands, in the mouth, in the body of
 one you love, and be transformed.

Gather in the moonless night and speak in unknown
 tongues. The Dark Mother and I will listen. Sing to us
 and cry out and the Power will be yours to unfold.

Blow me a kiss when the sky is dark, and I will smile, 
but no kiss returns, for my kiss is the final one for
 all mortal flesh.