po_Drucker-Karen1Karen Drucker has recorded 7 albums of her original inspirational music and has won numerous awards for her volunteer work performing and producing shows for organizations in need. She has been a performer and spokesperson for “Bread and Roses”, performing for those who are confined and cannot get out to hear music. These include hospitals, prisons, and treatment centers. She started her own organization, “Artists For A Cause” to raise awareness and funds for organizations in need by producing concerts featuring local entertainers.

She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in music from the United Church of Religious Science. She swam the English Channel with 5 other women becoming the 1st American women’s relay team to make a successful crossing. She rode her bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles in the AIDS ride. But her most impressive achievement was winning the International Tarzan calling contest when she was 13.

Karen Drucker

My religion is kindness
My church is nature
My god is a feeling
that lives deep inside
My job is to be conscious
My path is forgiveness
My religion is kindness
and I practice it everyday
Everyone has a story
Everyone has pain
When we strip away our masks
we find that we’re really all the same
It’s those little things we say and do
that can mean so much
It’s a smile, a connection
a simple loving touch


Today I’m gonna ask myself
what more can I do
To be radiant child of God
And let my love shine through
I’m gonna let my heart be my guide
to give the best of me
I’m gonna share my joy,
share my love, give boundlessly


Jack and Jill went up the hill
to fetch a pail of water
But then Jack fell down
broke his crown
and Jill came running after
She said “Jack tell me what can I do to help ease your mind?”
He said “Hold my hand and just be kind and I know I’ll be fine.”