Park Young-seok

Park Young-Seok (November 2, 1963 – October 2011) was a South Korean mountaineer.

Park is the first person in the world who completed a True Explorers Grand Slam. He has climbed the world’s 14 Eight-thousanders, the Seven Summits, and visited both poles. He holds the world’s second fastest time (behind Jerzy Kukuczka of Poland) for ascending the 14 Eight-thousanders, the Guinness World Record for climbing six of the 8,000-meter Himalayan peaks within one year, and another record for reaching the South Pole on foot in 44 days, self-sufficient and without any food re-supplies.

Park went missing on October 23, 2011 while attempting a new route on Annapurna. Young-Seok Park, Dong-Min Shin and Gi-Seok Gang decided to abort the climb at around 6400 meters due to heavy rock fall and went missing during the descent. Despite a dangerous and daring rescue operation to find the missing climbers, no signs of Park, Shin or Gang were found. The Korean Alpine Federation called off the rescue operation for Park and his team at 12:00 on October 28, 2011.