Liu Yong

Liu Yong  (987–1053) is a Chinese poet of the Song dynasty.

He looked for the temporary passion and relaxation among the low-level dancers, singers, prostitutes and other classes. He led a poor life, died in Zhenjiang, and buried by prostitutes, dancers and singers, who in spirit were his bosom friends.
Liu Yong

Fresh out of childhood
my hair done in cloud-coils
I soon learned song and dance
bowed before feasting nobles
who shared my favours
casually bought my smiles
flashing their gold
now I’m afraid
my bloom will fade
from squandered days and nights

once sir, in your kind care
this flower would flourish
hand in hand we could wander
ten thousand li under sunset skies
I’d renounce forever
mist and blossom company
never again would you see me play
with morning clouds and evening rain