Mia-Sophie Wellenbrink

po_Wellenbrink-Mia-SophieMia-Sophie Wellenbrink (born October 6, 1998) is a German child actress and singer.

Since early 2005, she is the star of a series of TV commercials for the dairy Müllermilch.

Wellenbrink was born to actress Susanna Wellenbrink and ballet dancer Daniel Ramsbott. In late 2004 the Bavarian dairy Müllermilch cast the six-year-old girl for the promotion of the fruit yoghurt Froop. A first series of commercials was broadcast in German and Austrian television from early 2005 on. Due to the popularity of the commercial, a second and third series were produced in 2006 and 2007.

In the wake of her success Mia-Sophie’s grandfather Egon Wellenbrink recorded with her the single Fruchtalarm in September 2005. The song is mainly based on the popular children’s song Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass. Shortly after its release it entered the German and Austrian pop charts.