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po_Sen-RajanikantaRajanikanta Sen (July 26, 1865 – September 13, 1910) was a Bengali (Indian) poet and composer, known for his devotional (bhakti) compositions, as well as his patriotic songs.

Rajanikanta was born in the village of Bhangabari, Pabna (present-day Bangladesh). He was the third child of Sri Guruprasad Sen and Smt.Manomohini Devi. Guruprasad served as sub-judge in many parts of Bengal, during which period he published a collection of 400 Vaishnava brajabuli poems, padachintamanimAlA. Guruprasad’s elder brother Govindanath was a successful advocate. However, much of the family wealth was unwisely invested, and Rajanikanta faced increasing poverty throughout his life. His mother Manomohini was a competent housewife, whose opinion was widely sought in culinary affairs.