Steve Rude

po_Rude-SteveSteve Rude (born December 31, 1956) is an American comic book artist.

In 1981, Rude and writer Mike Baron created Nexus, an independent science fiction comic book with a large supporting cast. For the series, Rude designed numerous distinctive alien races, including the Thunes, the Amphibs, the Quattros, the Giz, the Demons, and others. The series ran for eighty issues although Rude did not pencil them all, and seven short, almost-yearly mini-series after the initial series ended.

His first work for DC Comics appeared in Tales of the Teen Titans #48 (Nov. 1984). Rude collaborated with writer Dave Gibbons on the World’s Finest miniseries for DC in 1990. DC Comics writer and executive Paul Levitz has noted that Rude’s artwork “plays on Norman Rockwell’s Americana, while his sleek sequential storytelling owes a debt to the work of Alex Toth.”

Rude drew two intercompany crossovers in the 1990s. The Magnus, Robot Fighter/Nexus two-issue limited series for Valiant Comics and Dark Horse Comics and the The Incredible Hulk vs. Superman one-shot for Marvel Comics and DC. Rude’s work for Marvel includes X-Men:Children of the Atom, Spider-Man: Lifeline, Thor: Godstorm, and Captain America: What Price Glory.

In 2004 Rude co-created and penciled The Moth with writer/inker Gary Martin.

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