Olga Orozco

Olga Orozco (born Olga Noemí Gugliotta, March 17, 1920 – August 15, 1999) was an Argentine poet.



Olga Orozco

I have seen happiness lose its way

crying out through a shadowy and lonely woods

where its last day was passed, silent,

forgetting mankind like the spent leaves

that a slow season clings to.

Never again, disdainful between afternoons,

its golden mask,

luminous hands conducting dreams

to a thirsty life,
the fugitive cloak,

its deceiving reflection in the ivy that

memories guard like a lost king.

Oh, the sorrowful repose of earth!

Someone is still waiting with the indecisive river

that blood holds:

he who in his obscurity strikes vainly at walls

pursuing a shadow taller than its nights,

and the terse ash barely looks at dawn and some

flower withers on his chest;

and over there the others

those who search for that corner of air prepared to form

like the anterior body that it inhabited

in remote ages.

They want to seize a path in the dust,

to detain in light their poor paradises made of slow,

laborious talents,

but that puff suffices,

it barely shudders the oscillating branches,

to barter peace for death,

for a sluggish habit of desires.

Because man lives undefended in his happiness

and only then, while his vain melody dies

in the distance

do our faces recover our invincible aura.