Amado Nervo

Amado Nervo (August 27, 1870 – May 24, 1919) also known as Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo, was a Mexican poet, journalist and educator.

He also acted as Mexican Ambassador to Argentina and Uruguay. His poetry was known for its use of metaphor and reference to mysticism, presenting both love and religion, as well as Christianity and Hinduism. Nervo is noted as one of the most important Mexican poets of the 19th century.

Amado Nervo

She kissed me often, as if she feared

an imminent departure… Her affection
were restless, nervous.

                             I didn’t understand

such feverish haste. My coarse intention

never saw very far…

                            She foresaw!

She foresaw that our time would be short,

that the sail battered by the wind’s lash

was already waiting… and in her anxiety

she tried to leave me her soul with every embrace,

to put all eternity into her kisses.