Matt Mullenweg

po_Mullenweg-MattMatthew Charles “Matt” Mullenweg (born January 11, 1984) is an American online social media entrepreneur, web developer and musician.

Matt is best known for developing the free and open source web software WordPress, now managed by The WordPress Foundation. His professional blog is, a domain hack.

After dropping out of college and working at CNET Networks from 2004 to 2005, Mullenweg quit that job and founded Automattic, the business behind (which provides free WordPress blogs and other services), Akismet, Gravatar, VaultPress, IntenseDebate, Polldaddy, and more.

Since 2005 Mullenweg has been a frequent keynote/speaker at conferences/events, including global WordCamp events, SxSW, Web 2.0 Summit, YCombinator’s Startup School, Le Web, Lean Startup Conference, and the International World Wide Web Conference etc.