I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. — Og Mandino

po_Mitchell-EdgarEdgar Dean Mitchell, (September 17, 1930 – February 4, 2016,) was an American pilot, retired Captain in the United States Navy and NASA astronaut. As the lunar module pilot of Apollo 14, he spent nine hours working on the lunar surface in the Fra Mauro Highlands region, making him the sixth person to walk on the Moon.

Apollo 14 was Mitchell’s only spaceflight. He remained with NASA until 1972, when he retired from the Navy.

po_Mitchell-Edgar1Mitchell’s interests include consciousness and paranormal phenomena. On his way back to earth during the Apollo 14 flight he had a powerful Savikalpa samadhi experience,and also claimed to have conducted private ESP experiments with his friends on Earth.The results of said experiments were published in the Journal of Parapsychology in 1971.In early 1973, he founded the nonprofit Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) to conduct and sponsor research into areas that mainstream science has largely neglected, including consciousness research and psychic events.