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Minmi, named after Minmi Crossing, Australia (where it was found), is a genus of small ankylosaurian dinosaur that lived during the early Cretaceous Period, about 119 to 113 million years ago. First found in 1964, there are now over 5 Minmi specimens known, including an almost complete skeleton that was unearthed in 1987 that was possibly mummified.

When the partial femur of Megalosaurus was unearthed in England in 1676, a professor at Oxford University identified it as belonging to a human giant. It took another 150 years, in 1824, for William Buckland to give this genus its distinctive name. Nearly 20 years later, Megalosaurus was conclusively identified as a dinosaur by the famous paleontologist Richard Owen (July 20, 1804 – December 18, 1892).

Photo Abraham Menashe


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