Roberto Menescal

po_Menescal-RobertoRoberto Menescal (born October 25, 1937) is a Brazilian composer, producer, guitarist/vocalist, important to the founding of bossa nova.

In many of his songs there are references to things related to the sea, including his best-known composition “O Barquinho” (“Little Boat”). He is also known for work with Carlos Lyra, Nara Leão, Wanda Sá, Ale Vanzella, and many others. Menescal has performed in a variety of Latin music mediums, including Música popular brasileira (Brazilian pop), Bossa Nova and Samba. He was nominated for a Latin Grammy for his work with his son’s bossa group Bossacucanova in 2002 and will receive the “2013 Latin Recording Academy Special Awards” in Las Vegas in November 2013.