The only species that stands fully upright

And takes pleasure in the mirror

Covers its genitals

And prefers to copulate in private

Faces its partner in sex

And elevates intercourse to a rapturous spirituality


The only species that secretly betrays its partner

And can inflict pain for pleasure

Casts curses

Believes in the Devil and in Evil

Embellishes truth

Kills for sport

Has to be encouraged to live

Willfully ends its life

Can be repulsed by its own appearance

Fears Life as well as Death

Stores up Hate

Detests its own species

Capable of destroying its own kind

Capable of terrorizing the entire animal kingdom

Ready to die for its religion

Willing to destroy itself in the name of a deity

By itself, changes the composition of the Earth

And the only species that can clean it up



Cooks its food

Has a hundred recipes for the same meal

Voluntarily gives up possessions


Believes in Impossible Goals

Desires to travel to the Edge of Space

Believes in Serving Others

Recognizes its own Sinfulness

Asks for Forgiveness

Admires another

Bestows Blessings

Possesses Faith


The only species with the power of Imagination

Strives to make its dreams come true

Believes in the Unseen

Believes in Angels

Sees Love as an incentive for living

Creates–for the joy of others

Is haunted by Beauty

And overcome by it

Recounts stories of days past

Weaves stories of days to come

Points to objects

Waves goodbye


Is an animal which, alone among all animals,

refuses to be satisfied by the fulfillment

of animal desires.

And insulted when called an animal.

— Abraham Menashe

© 2017