Jeanne Labrosse

po_Garnerin-Jeanne-GenevieveJeanne-Geneviève Garnerin (1775–1847), née Labrosse, was a French balloonist and parachutist. She was the wife of André-Jacques Garnerin, a hydrogen balloonist and inventor of the frameless parachute.

Labrosse first flew on November 10, 1798, one of the earliest women to fly in a balloon. She subsequently became the first to ascend solo and, on October 12, 1799, the first po_Garnerin-Jeanne-Genevieve2woman to make a parachute descent (in the gondola), from an altitude of 900 meters.

On October 11, 1802, she filed a patent application on behalf of her husband for: “a device called a parachute, intended to slow the fall of the basket after the balloon bursts. Its vital organs are a cap of cloth supporting the basket and a circle of wood beneath and outside of the parachute and used to hold it open while climbing: it must perform its task at the moment of separation from the balloon, by maintaining a column of air.