He Kexin

po_Kexin-HeHe Kexin (born January 1, 1992) is a Chinese former artistic gymnast.

At the 2008 Olympics in Beijing she won two gold medals on the uneven bars (her specialty) and as a member of the Chinese Artistic Gymnastics team. In 2008, she won two World Cup titles on the uneven bars. On the bars she was one of the few gymnasts in the world to score over 17.00 under the 2005–2008 Code of Points. With an A-score of 7.7 in 2008, she had one of the highest difficulty scores in the world in this event, along with Yang Yilin, Nastia Liukin and all with 0.1 difficulty less than Beth Tweddle.

As with several of her teammates, questions were raised in the international press when earlier reports surfaced indicating she may not have been old enough to compete in the 2008 Olympics; however, an official investigation found in her favor. She continued her success in post-Beijing Olympics period, she holds the record for the highest obtained difficulty in the entire London period. In 2010 World Champion’s women team final all-around, she scored 16.133 with 7.4 difficulty which is the highest score ever achieved in the London Olympics period (between 2009 and 2012).