I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars. — Og Mandino

po_Groening-BrunoBruno Gröning (May 30, 1906 – January 26, 1959) was a German mystic who gave lectures on faith healings. He was active in Germany in the 1940s and 1950s after World War II.

Groening claimed that his ideas were not a new teaching or religion, but rather an ancient knowledge that had been lost, saying that people had forgotten “the most important thing”- that there is a Higher Power or Force that is available to help people.

Groening regarded health (rather than illness and disease) as the natural state of all living things and asserted that one can maintain health and heal from illness by absorption of a Divine life force that he called “Heilstrom,” which translates into English as “Healing Wave” or “Healing Stream.”

To connect with and receive this energy, Groening taught a technique he called “einstellen” (German for “tuning in”). He said that human beings were like batteries, that used energy and, to maintain health, needed to daily renew themselves, by tuning into the Healing Wave. The practice of einstellen consists of sitting in an upright position with arms and legs uncrossed, and palms facing upwards. He stated that it was very important for the back to be straight and to not have any kind of backrest if possible. Inwardly the practice consists of having the wish to receive the heilstrom, having faith that healing is possible, and then focusing on the body, observing the sensations and feelings thereof.

Groening claimed, that when one tunes into the healing stream, healing can occur spontaneously or slowly over time according to a cleansing process, happening through the life force flowing through the body during “einstellen”. Sometimes the symptoms can actually worsen or pain is experienced before a healing occurs. Groening called this occurrence regelungen (German for “regulation”), and stated that it is sometimes a necessary part of the healing process.

Bruno Groening emphasized the importance of not thinking about negative things, especially an illness one was hoping to heal, and in maintaining a positive attitude and having faith, especially faith that healing was possible, saying “Thoughts are energies which will come true! If now you take up the firm intent in your mind to regain your health and the belief that this is possible with God’s help, you have built up the right mental attitude for healing to begin.” In his teaching he emphasizes that negative thinking and dwelling on problems actually interferes with the healing process.

Mr. Groening repeated over and over that people needed to “Trust and believe- the Divine Power helps and heals.” He went so far as to say that the act of having faith in the Divine, or in healing is an essential part of the healing process.

Various groups continue to promulgate Gröning’s teachings, including the “Circle of Information”, the “Bruno Groening Trust”, the Bruno Groening Friends, the “Association for the Advancement in Germany of Spiritual and Natural – Psychological Foundations for Living”, “Help and Healing Sessions”, the Association for Natural Spiritual Living,” and the “Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.”