Ruth Colvin

po_Colvin-RuthRuth Johnson Colvin (born December 16, 1917) is the founder of the non-profit organization Literacy Volunteers of America, now called ProLiteracy Worldwide. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President George W. Bush in December 2006.

ProLiteracy is an international nonprofit organization based in Syracuse, N.Y., that supports the people and programs that help adults learn to read and write. ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation, believes that a safer, stronger, and more sustainable society starts with an educated adult population.

po_Colvin-Ruth2For more than 50 years, the organization has been working with people and organizations across the globe to build that society—and to create a world where every person can read and write. ProLiteracy is committed to creating a world in which all adults are literate. It works with adult new readers and learners and with local and national organizations to help adults gain the reading, writing, math, computer, and English skills they need to be successful.

ProLiteracy advocates on behalf of adult learners and the programs that serve them, provides training and professional development, and publishes materials used in adult literacy and basic education instruction. ProLiteracy has 1,000 member programs in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and works with 52 nongovernmental organizations in 34 developing countries.