Jorge Arce

po_Arce-JorgeJorge Armando Arce Armenta (born July 27, 1979) is a Mexican professional boxer.

Arce is the second Mexican boxer to win a world title in four weight divisions (after Erik Morales, who achieved the feat two months before Arce). Arce is the former WBO Super Bantamweight, WBO Bantamweight, WBO Super Flyweight, Interim WBA Super Flyweight, Interim WBC Flyweight, WBC Light Flyweight and WBO Light Flyweight Champion

Arce remains a favorite fighter among boxing fans and is also the older brother of title contender Francisco Arce Armenta. Arce’s trademark ring entrance features him wearing a black cowboy hat (thus earning him the nickname “The Mexican Cowboy”) and sucking a cherry lollipop.