Eva Amaral

po_Amaral-EvaEva María Amaral Lallana (Zaragoza, Aragon August 4, 1972) is a Spanish singer-songwriter, and member of the group Amaral with Juan Aguirre.

She studied sculpture studies at the Art School of Zaragoza. During this time, she was a member of the band Bandera Blanca, where she was the drummer. In 1993, she met the guitarist Juan Aguirre, who was a member of the band Días De Vino Y Rosas. Together, they created the group Amaral. They moved to Madrid and later signed a contract with Virgin Records.

They have recorded six successful studio albums and have performed as tour support for Lenny Kravitz’s Spanish concerts. Their song Rosa de la Paz was included in a record to support Prestige boat victims, also performing at the Nunca Máis demonstration in Madrid. Moby performs along with Eva Amaral on the song “Escapar”, the Spanish version of the Amaral song “Slipping Away”. Beto Cuevas, front man with the Chilean band “La Ley” joins Amaral on their song “Te Necesito”. Pajaros En La Cabeza is their most famous album.